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PTA President: Grace Dinicolantonio

PTA Treasurer: Natasha Cherry-Perez

PTA Secretary: Nimmi Ramsundar


Kimberly Seaton

Phone: 718-846-6280 (Ext 1060)


Alt Email:


Lakeisha Gordon, Principal

Karen Han, AP Organization / Math / Science / Phys Ed/Health

Rivky Broyde, AP SPED / Guidance

Katuraka Alston - Mullgrav , AP / Humanities / CTE / Discipline


9th - Kirk Martin |

10th - Blessy Thomas |

11th - Brad Shenkman |

12th - Brianna Olfano | | & | Usman Ahmed |


Caressa Sue (Architecture) |

Nindja Castro (Construction) |

Brenda Glasse (Engineering) |

Important! Please sign up for your NYCSA ( Schools Account.)

Please disregard if you already have a NYCSA account. Each parent should create an account where applicable. Below is a button that will link you to information on creating your NYCSA account. Please contact Ms. Seaton at for further assistance.

Attention parents picking up your child!

Please schedule all appointments after school for your child to limit disruption to their school day. If it is necessary to have your child signed out during the school day, please do so prior to 2pm to avoid any major delays.

Additionally, if you or your child have any questions or concerns regarding classroom practices or behaviors, please email me, the parent coordinator, and/or administration.

We are a strong community supported by our open-door policy (now virtual). We appreciate any insights and feedback from our students, parents, and staff!

Thank you for your continued support,

Kimberly Seaton

Parent Coordinator


Thank you for adhering to our CTEA uniform policy.

Students are expected to wear a CTEA school shirt, hoodie, or sweater and khakis. Students can only wear gym shirts on the days that they have gym. SENIORS can wear any CTEA affiliated top any day during the week.

Please note:

  • Tank tops and midriff shirts are not allowed as substitutes for CTEA uniform tops.

  • The pant colors are khaki, black, navy/dark blue or gray. Students can also wear joggers/golfing pants in those same colors. If wearing shorts, the length of the shorts must be past thigh level. Jeans (including ripped and distressed jeans), tights and leggings (of any kind) are not allowed to be worn as a substitute for pants. We are now allowing solid colored sweatpants (no logos or graphics of any kind).

  • On FRIDAYS, all students can wear tops from CTEA sports teams, clubs, organizations, academic achievements (for ex., honor roll) and CTEA sponsored activities (for ex., Anti-Bullying Week). Any CTEA tops purchased from Speedy Embroidery & Printing can also be worn on Fridays.

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