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Lakeisha Gordon, Principal

Karen Han, AP Organization / Math / Science / Phys Ed/Health

Rivky Broyde, AP CTE / SPED / Guidance

Katuraka Alston - Mullgrav , AP / Humanities / Discipline


Kimberly Seaton

Phone: 718-846-6280 (Ext 1060) | Email: | Alt Email:


9th - Kirk Martin |

10th - Blessy Thomas |

11th - Brad Shenkman |

12th - Brianna Olfano | | & | Usman Ahmed |


Vera Remetz (Architecture) |

Ninja Castro (Construction) |

Brenda Glasse (Engineering) |

Caressa Sue (Mandated counseling) |

PTA President: Vicky Sepulveda | PTA Treasurer: Sonia Campisi

C.T.E.A. Blended & Remote learning

ALL Blended students attend class in-person Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays (Groups A, B, and C will attend ALL (3) days). All students learning 100% remotely will continue remotely until September 2021.

Please keep checking our website for more details as we get closer to the opening date.


Q: What if I didn't complete the remote/blended learning preference sheet do I go automatically to blended learning?

A: Yes, but you still have time to complete preference by clicking the "Apply for remote and blended learning" button above.

Q: What if I want to change to complete remote learning, I did sign up for blended, can we make changes?

A: Yes, complete the remote/blended preference form by clicking the "Apply for remote and blended learning" button above.

Q: When during the school year can a student switch from remote to blended?

A: The option to switch from remote to blended ended April 7th. Check this site for possible updates in the future. .

Q: How can I get in touch with a guidance counselor?

A: Their emails are located at the top of this page.

Q: I haven’t received any emails. I’m assuming my email is not on the list. How can I provide my email?

A: Please email

Q: I need to change my mailing address how do I go about it?

A: To change your mailing address, please email and provide a copy of your utility bill along with your child’s name and Osis# (Student ID) to Ms. Coraggio at:

Q: When does school start?

A: Currently, students are scheduled to start on September 10th from 8:20 -2:41. The DOE may change this date, so check back periodically.

Q: How will the children receive their schedules?

A: In the coming weeks you will receive mailed schedules and important information.

Q: For new students, how and when will my child receive his school email?

A: Please contact Mr. Hammond at:

Q: At what time will students attend their first class in remote learning?

A: The bell schedule can be found under the student page on this website. Each student will have a different schedule and should cross reference their class schedule with the bell schedule. (ex: John has algebra 4th period, then he should attend that class at 10:44)

Q: Do students have to wear uniforms on zoom classes?

A: Students are expected to wear uniform.

Q: Where can we buy uniforms?

A: You can begin to place your uniform orders effective May 15th by visiting Speedy Embroidery at and click the link on the top, left side of the page.

Q: Where can we get supplies list?

A: Each individual teacher will inform students of the supplies that they need the first day of instruction. For the first day, please ensure that they have pencils, pens, and composition notebooks if possible. One per subject would be great.

Q: What app will you be using for online instruction? Zoom? Google Classroom?

A: Our teaching staff will use Zoom and Google Classroom for online instruction.

Q: Will students have to put their cameras on since they will be wearing uniforms?

A: Yes, students are required to be present and attentive.

Q: How many semesters will there be this year?

A: There are two semesters. The fall and spring semesters.

Q: How can I check my child’s grades?

A: You can access PupilPath or Google Classroom to monitor your child’s progress. If you're having technical difficulty please use the tutorials located at the top of this page for assistance (tutorials coming soon).

Q: My son is starting 9th grade, when will he get access to PupilPath?

A: If you're a freshman, you should have access to PupilPath late August into early September. For registration codes please email -

Q: My child already has a pupil path account from MS do we use the same one?

A: No, your child will receive his/her NEW CTEA Pupilpath late August-early September, please check back then and email Ms. Seaton:

Q: My son is a freshman coming from a private school. His student DOE ID doesn't work. How can I request an IPad or request anything at all from the DOE's website if he doesn't have his ID set up?

A: Please contact Ms. Seaton for your child’s NEW Public School Osis Number

Q: How do I know if my child has assignments due or completed?

A: You can check assignment status by accessing your child's classes on PupilPath or Google Classroom. Please refer to the tutorials provided above for assistance. You can also find assignment information on the school's website, via the link “Student Online Coursework”. Link available September.

Q: How can I contact my child’s teachers if I have questions?

A: The best method to contact your child's teacher is by emailing them through PupilPath. See tutorial above.

Q: For Google classroom do we use our regular emails, or will we have a school email?

A: You will need to use the hsforctea email created for you to access Google Classroom.

Q: Are there still gym classes?

A: Yes, there are still gym classes.

Q: My child seems to be struggling emotionally, is there a resource to support him/her?

A: You and/or your child may speak with their guidance counselor (listed above by major), or one of the other in-house support members found on the C.T.E.A Support Services Page. You and/or your child can also call, text or chat

Q: How will my child be able to do clubs? Or is that cancelled

A: Our school goal is to provide clubs. Further information will be provided as we move into the school year.

Q: When can we come pick up our things from the lockers?

A: Currently, you cannot access the building and therefore and cannot retrieve items from the locker.

Q: I have a question about a certain date?

A: Please check the school calendar which is located on the main page of our school's website. The calendar is updated periodically, so please check back throughout the school year.


Happy Friday!

Please note that during the monthly PTA meeting last night at 6pm, it was brought to the attention of parents attending that all CTEA classes have a google classroom where assignments announcements and grades are posted.

The 1st Marking Period ends next Friday, October 23.

If you would like to gain access to your child's google classroom, please email your child's teacher so that they can add you to the classroom. The email listing for all staff/ teachers can be found on the school website and by clicking the button below.

Additionally, if you or your child have any questions or concerns regarding classroom practices or behaviors, please email me, the parent coordinator, and/or administration.

We are a strong community supported by our open-door policy (now virtual). We appreciate any insights and feedback from our students, parents, and staff!

Thank you for your continued support,

Kimberly Seaton

Parent Coordinator

H.S. for C.T.E.A Parent / Teacher Association Meeting Registration

You must complete the following registration form to receive invites to all future Parent / Teacher Association (PTA) Meetings.

You only need to complete the form once, and you must use a valid H.S. for C.T.E.A email account.


Thank you for adhering to our CTEA uniform policy.

Students are expected to wear a CTEA school shirt, hoodie, or sweater and khakis. Students can only wear gym shirts on the days that they have gym. SENIORS can wear any CTEA affiliated top any day during the week.

Please note:

  • Tank tops and midriff shirts are not allowed as substitutes for CTEA uniform tops.

  • The pant colors are khaki, black, navy/dark blue or gray. Students can also wear joggers/golfing pants in those same colors. If wearing shorts, the length of the shorts must be past thigh level. Jeans (including ripped and distressed jeans), tights and sweatpants (of any kind) are not allowed to be worn as a substitute for pants.

  • On FRIDAYS, all students can wear tops from CTEA sports teams, clubs, organizations, academic achievements (for ex., honor roll) and CTEA sponsored activities (for ex., Anti-Bullying Week). Any CTEA tops purchased from Gotgraphix can also be worn on Fridays.

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