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Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)

In addition to the Regents or Advanced Regents diploma, students with IEPs have other graduation options available:

  • The local diploma, which allows students who meet specific criteria to graduate with lower exam scores; and

  • Two non-diploma credentials that allow students with disabilities to demonstrate career-readiness skills. Note that these credentials are not equivalent to a high school diploma:

    • The Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement (CDOS) credential allows students to demonstrate mastery of the academic and personal behaviors required in the workplace. It can serve in addition to a high school diploma or as a standalone credential.

    • Students who are alternately assessed can earn the Skills and Achievement credential which, although not equivalent to a diploma, supports the attainment of career-readiness skills.

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Detailed Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are determined at the State level and vary according to the year a student first entered 9th grade, as well as by other demographic factors. Please click on the following links for information on graduation requirements:

Detailed graduation requirements for general education students and students with disabilities.