The High School for Construction Trades Engineering and Architecture prepares students for college, technical school, and/or apprenticeships in the fields of the building trades, engineering, and architecture. Our educational program consists of three fully integrated learning communities, each focused on one of our respective themes. The instructional program is supported by state-of-the-art facilities that house specialized laboratories for computer-aided design, mechanical drafting, model building, and construction technology. We are proudly partnered with a multitude of leading business organizations and non-profit agencies in each of these industries who guide the overall work of our school and support the individual experiences of students and teachers. Students have many wonderful opportunities for apprenticeships, internships, and advanced study.

Mission Statement

Our school is committed to providing young men and women of diverse cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds with a sense of belonging. This is conducted in an educational environment that allows them to explore their talents and interests while receiving a solid academic foundation that prepares them for post-secondary education, as well as careers in construction trades, engineering, and architecture. The learning environment is specifically designed to promote academic achievement through the integration of the student's career interests while making connections of that learning to the world in which we live.

Core Values

A community is based on the combined character and values of its members. Every member of the community has the right to expect a safe, clean, and supportive environment. We expect students to treat everyone with respect, to withhold judgment until a situation has been viewed from all sides, and to seek help when provoked. 

To achieve this goal, each student in our school should make a continuous and determined commitment to exemplifying the following characteristics and values:

About US, Mission, and Core Values