Thank you for adhering to our CTEA uniform policy.

Students are expected to wear a CTEA school shirt, hoodie, or sweater and khakis. Students can only wear gym shirts on the days that they have gym. SENIORS can wear any CTEA affiliated top any day during the week.

Please note:

  • Tank tops and midriff shirts are not allowed as substitutes for CTEA uniform tops.

  • The pant colors are khaki, black, navy/dark blue or gray. Students can also wear joggers/golfing pants in those same colors. If wearing shorts, the length of the shorts must be past thigh level. Jeans (including ripped and distressed jeans), tights and sweatpants (of any kind) are not allowed to be worn as a substitute for pants.

  • On FRIDAYS, all students can wear tops from CTEA sports teams, clubs, organizations, academic achievements (for ex., honor roll) and CTEA sponsored activities (for ex., Anti-Bullying Week). Any CTEA tops purchased from Gotgraphix can also be worn on Fridays.