Senior Announcements


Dear Class of 2021 students and parents,

We are happy to announce that your senior package is now available for purchase. The senior package is available for purchase, through our vendor, Smooth found here: All purchases must be made online, using a credit, debit or gift card. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can easily purchase a Visa gift card from your local pharmacy. There will be a strict deadline to place your orders. Please be sure to place all orders by Tuesday, March 16, 2021. Late orders will not be accepted.

Senior Dues - We have not collected senior dues for the class of 2021. Last year, I sent out the letter regarding senior dues and prices. Those are the same prices we have paid for the last 6 years. I always try to keep the costs as low as possible, and that is done by offering all items as a package deal; this allows the vendor to keep costs low by ordering in bulk. One thing we learned from last year’s senior package distribution was that things changed on a daily basis and can cause a lot of chaos and confusion for all. One day staff was allowed to access the building, then the next day that was cancelled and we could not access the building. In the past, we’ve had all items shipped in bulk to the school, we check every item and fold, package, label and distribute items. This is done by multiple staff members and student volunteers over a period of time, which will not be possible this year due to safety guidelines, social distancing protocols and not having much guidance as to when we will return to in-person learning. This year, we must do things a bit differently. With that said, our vendor will be taking care of all online orders, payments and packaging. You will see a packaging fee added to your order. This fee will cover the cost associated with boxing items individually for all seniors, allowing for a safe, smooth and efficient distribution. Please do not be alarmed by this cost. The total cost will still be very close in comparison to the prices anticipated in the senior dues letter from last year. Your senior package will have a total cost of $99.14.

2021 Yearbooks

The yearbook is now on sale! You can order your book up until May 20th using the button below.

The yearbook costs $35.76! Shipping (to home) is $6, or it can be shipped to the school and we will have a designated day for pick up when the building is open again.

Thank You, Lenard!!

I’d like to thank Lenard Tolentino for this year’s T-shirt design, with such a special and thoughtful touch adding the pink and blue colors to this design. The graduation package is mandatory and includes your cap & gown (black), stoles and tassels (red and white), diploma case, senior hoody and senior T-shirt. Please keep in mind that this is a complete package and cannot be changed. You will need to know your height to place your cap and gown order. In an effort to avoid you being charged excessive shipping fees, we will have the entire order shipped to the school and will schedule pick up dates and times, just as we did with the locker cleanout. Please see below for this year’s designs.

2021 Redhawks T-shirt & Hoodie
2021 Redhawks Hoodie Logo

Yearbooks will be made available for online purchase in the near future through our Yearbook vendor, Entourage. Yearbooks will be shipped to your home address. Yearbooks will cost approximately $40.

Senior rings – we need a minimum of 2 dozen orders for senior rings. If we don’t have enough orders, we will not place an order this year, and I will send out an update to inform you. The senior rings are $60. If you are interested in purchasing a senior ring, please contact me directly at, no later than Friday, January 29, 2021. The images for senior rings will be posted on the school’s website, please take a look. Please use “senior ring” in the subject line. For this item I will need to collect the payments, measure your ring size and mail in the order, so keep in mind that if you are interested, you will need to make a payment in person at CTEA, as well as have your ring size measured. That date will be determined in the near future, based upon interest.

Prom and Graduation - Currently we have tentative dates scheduled for the Prom and Graduation. Unfortunately we cannot predict what the future holds as far as our senior events actually taking place, as we are still living in times of uncertainty due to COVID 19. Please keep in mind that large gatherings at this point are still not allowed. We will not collect any payments for those events just yet, but will update you in the Spring. Please keep in mind that the dates and prices for the events will be as follows:

Prom: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 Terrace on the Park $135 per person

Graduation: Thursday, June 24, 2021 3 – 5 pm St. John’s University $50 per student, 6 tickets per student

I encourage you to check here often, as we frequently update this website. If you have any questions, check here first, and if you cannot find what you are looking for you can email me. This applies to students as well as parents and guardians. Please adhere to all deadlines, as we will not honor late orders.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at

Thank you,

Alyce Ortiz

Payroll Secretary | School Treasurer | Senior Activities Coordinator

HS for CTEA 27Q650

94-06 104 Street, Ozone Park, NY 11416

718-846-6280 x. 1181