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As you all know, during this time of the COVID pandemic everything we would do person to person now has to be done remotely. With that being said, I am emailing you all to inform you that working papers will now continue to be done remotely until further notice.


For those students getting working papers for the FIRST TIME there will be (2) links you need to access.

  1. First you must fill out the application (Click on the AT-17 Application for Employment Certificate link below). This will lead you to the working permit application where you can type in all info on the TOP PORTION ONLY. Have your Parent/Guardian sign where it states "Parent/Guardian signature" (which can also be typed). As always the following documents have to be presented in person and also virtually:

The completed application (AT-17), Original Birth Certificate or Passport or STATE ID, Original Social Security Card and a Doctor's note that states you are physically fit for "work". (Sports Medicals, blood work are NOT accepted as proof).

  1. The second link you will go to set up your interview time (/kseaton-1/working papers) listed below. It will then take you to my appointment times/day. Please note that working papers interviews will only be conducted Every Monday & Friday from 12:30PM to 2:45PM it is a 15 minute interview via Google Meets, the link is within the invite. You must click on the desired time slot. Once you have selected the time we will meet virtually on that Monday or Friday to begin the Working Paper process. Once all documents required are satisfied, your work permit will be mailed to your home address. Upon receiving the working permit please sign your name to it.**Working Papers will be mailed out every Friday.


For those students who already have working papers and may need to UPDATE their card due to age change from 14-15 to now 16-17 yrs. old or if you LOST your working paper, you DO NOT have to follow the above instructions. Simply email me at: I will issue you an update/replacement. Please indicate if you're updating or replacing your working paper and it will be mailed to your home address.

****If you received your Work Permit from another school you will have to follow the first steps to obtaining a NEW Work Permit.


Have ready all the required documents outlined in the Student Employment Verification Checklist below. These documents should be original and current.

You must schedule an appointment using the following Calendly link:

Students must include email addresses for both their parent or guardian, and their Work Based Learning Coordinator ( when scheduling a Verification Session.

Both the Parent and the Coordinator will be copied on the Verification invitation, ensuring that the parent/guardian is aware that video will be used for the verification, though their presence is not required.

Prior To The Appointment

The student should:

  1. Complete the Verification Sign in Form, and upload a completed, electronically signed copy of your I-9 page 1 into this form. The form and I-9 can be found below.

DO NOT include your Social Security Number on the I-9 page 1.

Note: Working Papers are once again required for Verification for students under the age of 18. Students should check with their the Working Papers section of this page below for instructions on Working Paper requirements and procedures.


  • You will be emailed directly with a confirmation of the Verification Session, coordinators and parents will also receive confirmation.

  • If you do not see the email in your inbox, you should check your Spam folder.


  • It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared and on time for their session.

  • Students who do not have all their materials with them at the time of the session must reschedule.

  • If you are late or miss a session twice, you will no longer be allowed to Verify on your own, and must make arrangements with Mr. Adegbie.

  • If you need to cancel the session, for any reason, you must do so at least 24 hours prior to the session.


Registration is now open, sign up as soon as possible!

NY Exploring offers students various opportunities to engage with professionals from various industries.

Check back often as information on this page is updated frequently.

For more information on our Business Exploring programs, please check out the Program Calendar below. The calendar will be updated every time a new event is added.

ACE Mentor of Greater NY

In addition to the ACE mentorship program, you all are welcome to attend their webinars on professional development topics and college preparation.

These are about one hour each and do not interfere with their ACE hours or school hours. Your participation in these webinars will also count towards your WBL hours. See the dates and topics below. ACE will have monthly webinars planned for 2021 as well, which will be shared at a later date!

To Be Announced

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