Work Based Learning Page


As you all know, during this time of the COVID pandemic everything we would do person to person now has to be done remotely. Working papers are being done remotely until further notice.


For those students getting working papers for the FIRST TIME there will be (2) links you need to access. The first link is for Part 1 the AT-17 Form, and the second is for Part 2 to schedule a Calendly appointment.

Part 1: AT-17 Form

  • First you must fill out the application (Click on the AT-17 Application for Employment Certificate link below). This will lead you to the working permit application where you can type in all info on the TOP PORTION ONLY. Have your Parent/Guardian sign where it states "Parent/Guardian signature" (which can also be typed). As always the following documents have to be presented in person and also virtually:

The completed application (AT-17), Original Birth Certificate or Passport or STATE ID, Original Social Security Card and a Doctor's note that states you are physically fit for "work". (Sports Medicals, blood work are NOT accepted as proof).

Part 2: Scheduling a Calendly Appointment

  • The second link you will go to set up your interview time (/kseaton-1/working papers) listed below. It will then take you to my appointment times/day. Please note that working papers interviews will only be conducted Every Monday & Friday from 12:30PM to 2:45PM it is a 15 minute interview via Google Meets, the link is within the invite. You must click on the desired time slot. Once you have selected the time we will meet virtually on that Monday or Friday to begin the Working Paper process. Once all documents required are satisfied, your work permit will be mailed to your home address. Upon receiving the working permit please sign your name to it.**Working Papers will be mailed out every Friday.


For those students who already have working papers ISSUED BY CTEA and may need to UPDATE their card due to age change from 14-15 to now 16-17 yrs. old or if you LOST your working paper, you DO NOT have to follow the above instructions. Simply email me at: I will issue you an update/replacement. Please indicate if you're updating or replacing your working paper and it will be mailed to your home address.

****If you received your Work Permit from another school you will have to follow the first steps to obtaining a NEW Work Permit.