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Mailing your Final Transcript

To the Class of 2018:

If you are enrolled in a NON-CUNY or NON-SUNY school, then we need your help with mailing off your FINAL TRANSCRIPT.

Please bring in or pick up a 9"X12" manila envelope from your counselor in Room 261. You must address it to the Admissions Office of your college and then add four-1st Class stamps. (See below)

Do NOT include your mailing address, we will stamp the CTEA address on it for you.

On your last day of high school, you will pick up your diploma, a student copy of a final transcript, and an official copy from your counselor. You will then drop the official copy of the transcript in the mail.

That is how your college will get a copy of your FINAL TRANSCRIPT.

CUNY and SUNY schools can access your transcripts themselves. One or two may still ask you to submit a copy, anyway.

How To Address An Envelope