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Hello incoming Parents and Students:

My name is Coach Texidor and I am reaching out to you because, although our plans have been curtailed for a while, we are still going about the business of recruiting to ensure that our Cross Country and Track and Field programs continue our winning tradition. We, at C.T.E.A. are hoping that you will encourage one or more of your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and friends to take advantage of the support systems, Cross Country, and Track/Field programs that our school has to offer.

I am the Coach for Cross Country Running and Track & Field Programs and represent RED HAWKS ATHLETICS. Even with a shortened 2019-2020 school year, I am proud that our school achieved the following:

        • 1st Place Queens Borough Cross Country Freshman Championship

        • 2nd Place Queens Borough Cross Country Sophomore Championship

        • 2nd Place N.Y.C. Public Schools Jim McKay Elite Schools Championship

        • 1st Place N.Y.C. Public Schools M.L.K. Track and Field Championship

        • 2nd Place Queens Borough Track and Field Championship

A major part of our success over the years is because of the LARGE number of freshman who join the team. Make sure that YOU will be a part of our schools history and winning ways.

If you need a team with support systems in place to assure success then this is the team for you! Please feel free to contact me at the email address below. Stay Safe.


Hello Parents and incoming freshman.

I hope that this message finds you all well. These are by no means easy times for anyone. As families struggle with the pandemic lifestyle, the summer fitness program I am so proud to hold every summer continues to be side lined. As schools are planning for instruction, I also plan on being prepared to coach the incoming freshman and school athletes in health and fitness. Please continue to be on the lookout for emails and messages from me. They will be posted on this website. You can also reach out to me at the email address listed below. Also reach out to me if you would like training ideas you can do with your entire family to promote health, fitness, and being ready to compete during the next season of competition.

I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Coach Angel Texidor

H.S. for C.T.E.A.

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