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3/12/18- 3/16/18

Monday -Respect Yourself

Morning Post it: What is one positive thing about yourself?

Activity: Anonymous positive message emails -google form link

Event: Survival Kit: Handling High school (9-10) and 2 Real World Prep (11-12) with Pizza!!


Tuesday -Respect Cultures and Religion

Morning Post it: What is a fave tradition or holiday and why?

Event: Ethnic snacks and candy fundraiser during lunch periods

Sponsored by Multicultural Club and NHS

Event: Giving Art- create an artwork or bracelet to give to someone!

Wednesday LGBTQ and Gender identity

Morning Post it: What’s a moment where you felt accepted by a group?

Activity: 7 Q Survey with raffle for a gsa t shirt - CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Event: Photo booth library back area during lunch periods

Event: Movie Showing with popcorn

Thursday- Respect Other’s Value

Morning Post It: What makes you unique?

Activity: Infomercial contest- Prize: Top 3 is a pizza party- topic: The importance of Respecting “the other”

Event: Student Forum: Am I in a healthy relationship?? What’s that mean?

Friday Respect for all and tolerance

Morning Post- it: What pledge of respect can you make to the CTEA community?

Raffle: ten prizes- win a CTEA RFA Wk T-shirt

Event: Possible Volunteer Field trip to horse stables